Friday, October 28, 2011

Fantasy Fest 2011 Prequel 1

Friday is the day before the big day, but for me Friday is quite big enough, thanks.

The crowds have built up all week, parties with headgear, parties in red, street parties and on and on.

Dogs and children welcome to roam if you have the stomach for it. A loud crowd on the balcony at the Whistle encouraged passersby and a couple in blue got into the spirit of the thing:

A flannel as covering from a non existent sun on this overcast afternoon? Iguess it's a costume...

Fantasy Fest is very controlled even as it seems to spin out of control. It was particularly muggy this pre-frontal Friday and heat and beer and excitement drain the blood from the brain.

Not among merchants of course. I wonder how much they dare when it's not Fantasy Fest and full price for a slip of pink cotton is...twenty bucks? Surely not.

Breasts and buttocks everywhere, and happily a few young people also made the street fair today.

Street walking with alcohol is permitted but not glass. Oh well it was almost all drunk.

And there are recycling bins too. Amazing for Key West.

I am going back tonight for then local's parade, properly known as the Masquerade March. People were gathering from all parts to take a turn amongst the nudity and the crowds doubtless will be enormous.

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