Friday, October 28, 2011

Fantasy Fest 2011 Prequel 3

Meeting friends and showing off your underwear are two of the purposes of walking Duval this week in Key West.

Photographing some of the oddities and ironies of Fantasy Fest is another purpose.

I sometimes wish my dog were small enough to carry, but there are too many big dogs abandoned at the SPCA to ignore them.

Woody Allen as a costume was not something I had ever considered.

Drink, walk a step, take a picture. It's all good.

A nice courier bag in black is what every exhibitionist needs. There are no pockets on leather speedos.

Christmas! Argh! I am no fan of Christmas it's high stress shopping demands.

How odd it is.

And they line up to record the odd moment.

I was glad to see these renters getting their scooters off the street. Scooters and alcohol don't mix.

This sign in front of St Paul's on Duval made me smile. Paint a church and buy a seat in heaven. There is a long tradition of the rich getting a promise of salvation if they cough up. some things never change.

I am told there is a Facebook page dedicated to the Blobs of Key West. I wondered what they were and have included a few in my essays already. Here's another one.

Cheyenne was tired. Plus she was spotted by a stranger, who was polite about this blog and moved on. That made up for some of the shit I've been taking lately!

To home and to sleep for my dog. To write for me.

The locals parade in this space tomorrow morning.

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