Friday, October 7, 2011

Key West Pix XI

The older generation tells us there was much ado about President Kennedy's Catholicism when he ran for the top job fifty years ago. That proved to be a non issue, not least because he took some of the Church's social mandates with a large pinch of salt. A thought that comes to mind when riding past St Mary's where flies the flag of a foreign potentate.

When I became a US citizen I took an oath not to submit to the authority of foreign "princes and potentates" (their arcane wording, not mine) and I have never flown the flag of a foreign power since then, not that I did before either. Catholic Churches are apparently not bound by the same code. Besides which the Vatican City State flag is even flying at the same height as Old Glory. Faux pas!

Golly gee willikins, the No Trespass signs are getting serious.

I loitered happily in the shade of this sign-free palm for a while.

Waiting for Godot. Some people do a lot of loitering and waiting in the Keys. The inability to show up on time is supposed to be charming, Keys disease they label it. I just find it irritating.

Pay attention! I can barely begin to imagine how uninteresting most of the footage must be next to then public bathrooms at The Bight.

It would be much prettier had they turned the camera on the other side of the building overlooking the marinas.

Monroe County spent almost 300,000 dollars last year removing abandoned boats from county waters. This year they are proposing some very mild legislation that would outlaw the anchoring of motor-less boats (hovelcraft in my lexicon) and require boaters to pump out their shit. Large predictable uproar to follow.

Live on a hovelcraft or live in Bayview Park. Not much of a choice for those seeking to corral the free spirits.

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