Friday, October 7, 2011

Olivia Cemetery

Olivia Street between Windsor and Frances Street parallels Truman Avenue and it makes a pleasant alternative to the main street.

However it only works as a path out of Old Town as it is a one way street toward Frances.

One side of the street has classic Conch cottages while the other side of the street has rather less active residents.

They use European style burial vaults in Key West's above ground cemetery. These two vaults Got me grinning. Osmany took his nickname to the grave apparently, "El Tiburon means "The Shark" and Conchs do like to hand out nicknames.

The other vault reads "I'm feeling better now" which either is meant to indicate life after death is filled with less struggle, or perhaps it's a milder version of the well known epitaph "I told you I was sick."

It's funny to thing these little wooden homes were just a place to live when they were built but now they are character filled homes in a historic district.

Ty may be their guy but he was not re-elected to the Utility Board.

Some people find the idea of living next to the cemetery as being gruesome, perhaps because they believe that zombies and ghouls actually exist outside their own imagination.

I think I would do quite well living next too dead people.

I'd prefer a Conch cottage if I were in the market but a classic. 60's Florida bungalow may not be a bad thing either.

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