Friday, October 7, 2011

Working Vampire

Finally my four ten hour days of sitting in a classroom at work are over. Not a minute too soon, despite the loveliness of the dawn sky over Cow Key Channel.

Learning to cope with the commuter traffic in the morning has been interesting. Of four days this week I showed up ten minutes late one day, thanks to stop-and-go traffic on Stock Island. The other three days by contrast I arrived in town with twenty five minutes to I stopped to take a few pictures. This lumbering commercial fishing boat put me in mind of the fact that lots of people do actually work during the day.

Others start their work day with fresh air and exercise, and a great deal of panted conversation along the seawall.

For me five years of dispatching night shift has been the best work years of my life. I get a leisurely ride against traffic following an afternoon of hanging around the house alone and walking the dog. In the morning my commute into the sunrise is once again in the face of the heavy traffic so my ride is always more fun and relaxing. I sleep till lunchtime and either prepare to go back to work or take two nights off as we work twelve hour shifts, two on two off and every other three day weekend. It is a blissfully schedule interrupted by a week of daytime training. Ugh!

People need to be kept in the dark about the pleasures of night shift or else they'll all want to do it.

Then I might have to work day shift and waste perfectly good hours of sunlight stuck indoors. I like being a working vampire.

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Brady said...

I don't know, Conch, I worked the night shift and it was a crazy place. It would be different if we all stayed on night shift, but we switched every week, and that was terrible. About the time you're used to going to bed at 8 a.m., it's time to switch over to something different. I had the most erratic life, and never saw anyone.

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Conchscooter said...

I have worked nights for possibly five years. Two nights on followed by two off band every oth three day weekend gives me lots of time to be human. But who wants to be a police dispatcher? I DO! I would enjoy Germany for a while though.