Monday, October 3, 2011

Keys Pix IX

We went to the Tropic Cinema on Eaton Street to see The Help. It was a moving and instructive movie, pitting white Southern housewives against their black maids in the turbulent times when change was sweeping the land.

It did put me in mind of our own ongoing changing times as we find ourselves labeled the modern maids to our banking overlords. The modern irony of black churches opposing civil rights for gays hasn't escaped me either. In 40 years perhaps they'll make a sentimental movie about that.

We had a good time my wife and I she with her overly flavored popcorn and me with my more masculine cheese flavoring... Better living through chemistry at the popcorn counter. Then after the movie we rode away, she on her Vespa 150 and me on my Bonneville. No parking issues there.

Key West packs a lot into an island four miles by two so it is rarely quiet and peaceful. The airport's runway is set at an angle exactly placed to direct aircraft over old town as they land onto a southeast wind.

But the views overhead are quite pretty of you remember to look up.

Walking Key West will get more and more pleasant as the weather chills and the humidity retreats. For locals it was a weekend of slightly cooler than usual weather with the arrival of the first cold front of the Fall, the mildest of fronts it was too.

An opportunity to walk the streets of Key West is always a pleasure for me, even if my dog had to be home that day.

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