Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not My Bonneville

I pulled into the motorcycle parking at Half Shell Raw Bar and there was my formerly favorite Harley Davidson, the Road King, supplanted in my affections by the new $16,000 Switchback, a lighter more compact version of this 820 pound motorcycle. My "full dress" Bonneville looks like a moped next to it.

This 883 Sportster is more equivalent to the Bonneville and these are fine maintenance free motorbikes. I just can't get behind the styling.

I like the rounded look of the symmetrical Bonneville better. Even though it has chain drive and requires a valve check every 12,000 miles.

And then there are the so called metric cruisers, built in Japan to look like like Harleys. An odd idea but perhaps the sincerest form of flattery.

And in The Meadows I came across another Bonneville, the "blinged" T100 model, just like mine except for two color paint, a tachometer and more chrome. Mine cost $8,000 versus the T100's $10,000 which seemed too much to me for useless accessories. It sure is pretty.

At 54,000 miles my Plain Jane 2007 is doing quite well.

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