Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lunch Break

"I'm jealous!" my wife whined down the phone when I called her during my break from training. I'm rewarding myself during this gruesome week of being at work during daylight by getting myself cheap lunches round town and enjoying a photo break away from the police station.

Yesterday it was the turn of my favorite ten buck break, Badboy Burrito on Simonton. I read the paper while they made my lunch to order.

Delivery is by Vespa with the food carefully tucked onto the heated pet carrier.

My own bag I stashed in my unheated saddlebag along with a bottle of eau français.

I had already planned where I wanted to eat, outdoors and perhaps in a position to take a few pictures. The weather was slightly threatening with black clouds and occasional rumbles of thunder so I figured if it let loose I could sit under cover at the old court house steps.

Things stayed dry and pleasantly cool, 85 low humidity degrees, and lunch of course was excellent. It always is especially as I had, rather boringly, ordered my usual preferred burrito the El Gaucho Ernesto, spicy meat, black beans and basmati rice.

The locals were restless, standing around and...

...making disparaging remarks at full volume which was annoying. I ignored their begging and ate every last bit of my lunch.

I was about to toss paper bag and plastic bottle into the nearby trash can when I noticed these two beauties under the courthouse portico. Check that out: actual recycling! Good for Monroe County!

Lunch was so good I got on the bike and went off to hunt for a post prandial coffee. But that is another story.

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