Thursday, October 6, 2011

All Hallows Eve

At the end of this month I turn 54 and when I say the end, I mean I was born on the 31st of October at ten minutes to midnight and as near as makes no difference on the Greenwich meridian. I know this because my mother was a superstitious woman who believed in horoscopes, not that they predicted her cancer or anything remotely useful like a winning lottery ticket.

I am not particularly interested in my birthday even though one is required by custom to pay attention to such things. That I was born on Hallowe'en is just a cruel joke of Fate and is almost enough to convince me God exists and has a bitter sense of humor. I am alone in wishing everyone would stop being childish and dressing up in absurd costumes to celebrate my birthday.

But as we can see they are starting already which seems a rather harsh way to rub in the fact my date of birth approacheth and rapidly. People born close to my birthdate mention wistfully that they were almostborn on Hallowe'en but as far as I am concerned any day would have done. I cannot blame my mother as she has been dead lo these four decades and I suppose I can only blame an uncaring Fate for my birth date and still no winning lottery ticket. Though perhaps its time I started buying them if I am to influence Fate on at least one blessed thing.

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