Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Riding Around

It's small stuff but every day Cheyenne makes me grin. I'm a lucky man in a world of widespread economic misfortune, and Cheyenne is icing on the cake of our backwater happiness.

There's this old car abandoned along the trail in classic Keys trash dumping and yesterday Cheyenne took an interest in it. I think she was more inclined to the back seat than the front.

There were a few mosquitoes along the trail, quite a few actually, but I killed more of them than they killed of me. Plus I don't get welts which is nice. Ironically enough the Mosquito Control truck came by when we got back on the street, where they do apparently have the pests under control.

It was an odd day, gray and overcast as though more rain were on the way. Which thank God it wasn't.

It's still quite wet enough on the ground, thank you.

This house intrigues me. How they got the wall covered in this ivy stuff I can't imagine but it's turned a blank wall into something... I don't know...different?

Mystery flowers were fading but hanging in.

And Cheyenne was ready for a nap next to a car she recognized.

Her place is on the back seat.

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David B. said...

Easy ones today. The house-covering ivy is one more form of fig (imagine that). It grows prostrate or up a wall. The only walls I've ever been able to grow it on face West, but were partially shaded, especially the root areas.

The white flowers are on a White Geiger Tree. They are really enjoying the late season rains and should bloom through late February or so.

Conchscooter said...

I thought the climbing creeper looked a bit suggestive.
I would need a completely different brain to remember this stuff.