Monday, October 17, 2011

Watering The Garden

Therese is snug back in Paris hunkering down no doubt for a hard core winter such as northern Europeans are used to, meanwhile her creations in my yard appear to thriving, against the odds.

Therese's idea of recreation is to spend time at the plant shop and pot her purchases all round our house thus making the place look nice. Aside from the fact that I am totally unversed in the art of making things grow, I have an abiding belief that plants don't deserve to be killed by my hand. On that score I am doing well.

My Key Limes are sprouting late but finally in abundance and my pomegranate bush, a gift from Dolly and Robert won 't stop producing fruit. I pruned it a bit last Fall and it worked wonders. More of the same no doubt this year. That and Milorganite, a fertilizer produced from Mid Western human turds ( I kid you not!) that is guaranteed not to burn and kill plants. My kind of nitrogen.

Cheyenne enjoys the fruits of my labor too. She actually uses her raised lawn bed I made for her to lounge in, and she loves drinking muddy water that my pineapple shoots are growing in. Dirty water is mother's milk to my Labrador.

I am learning to enjoy looking after the plants. About now is the time to be planting vegetables for winter crops because seasons in the Keys are reversed. And one big advantage of all this damned rain is that time spent watering is zero. I have to find my Zen doing other repetitive tasks.

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