Monday, October 17, 2011

Wet Dog

It was a moment snatched out of a day that was once again soaking wet most of the time. Even when we did get out of the house yesterday it was clear we shouldn't get too far from the Faraday Cage that was the car.

Cheyenne is such a threat to wildlife this guy took one look and ignored both of us. As we shall see.

Gray clouds look spectacular as they pile up overhead. The rain up the road was so bad my wife called from her car to tell me that perhaps maybe I should re-think riding in to work. I cut her off. I am man; I ride my Bonneville.

Cheyenne is dog; she walks, and tries to avoid swimming.

"Private Property" indeed. Enjoy!

Free as a bird soaring overhead probably looking for some dry place to spend the next week.

The rain came down as predicted after about twenty minutes. Cheyenne was reluctant to cut her walk short but with obvious distaste she did agree to amble back as the rain increased in intensity. "Come on ,Cheyenne!" I called but she just sashayed along, tail swinging, eyes squinting against the raindrops.

The heron was still there looking indecisive.

The highway was,as my wife reported, a mess of rain and idiot drivers with their headlights firmly off. Luckily I only had half a mile to drive along it.

The space under the house looked as dark as the Bat Cave, at three in the afternoon. This weather sucks.

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