Monday, October 17, 2011

Drowning By Motorcycle

I was a little bit surprised when our relief showed up at work exactly on time, exactly as usual. All night long it had rained and rained hard leaving half of Key West under water. Police officers on patrol reported streets all over Old and New Town were underwater.

Reports of flooding at the triangle, the sole exit from Key West seemed like it might pose a problem but I already had my plan: ride the sidewalk. Ha! Which worked well enough except for the moment an eighteen wheeler came by at full speed kicking up a helluva bow wave.

The car in the picture below was stuck in the water with its four way flashers doing their job. Cars swerved around at full speed which completely justified my riding the sidewalk in my opinion. Safety first, always.

As I stood there getting wet and trying to take steady pictures, and failing, a man in a parka came by with a hose. Watering the landscaping? I asked, incredulous. He grinned; fertilizer and pesticide was the answer. It still seemed a little daft to me though I expect I looked pretty stupid too riding a motorcycle under a waterfall.

I thought a picture of the shiny bridge to Boca Chica might express some of the awesome challenge of riding home after five inches of rain had fallen the night before. It doesn't though, does it? It just looks wet, which it was.

Of all the wet rides I've taken it might not have been the worst ever though it was close, and wet certainly. I made it home in one piece despite several tailgaters and quite a few determined high beams in my face all with a side of strong cross winds. My dog came down first to greet me.

My wife passed me on her own way to work on flooded Stock Island while Cheyenne and I planned a luxurious morning in bed. And don't forget the heroic Bonneville which never missed a beat. I love this motorcycle.

It looks good, it rides well and is never any trouble at all. Which should be a lesson to us all. Face the future as though you were a modern Triumph Bonneville.

Oh, and by the way there is nothing but rain in the forecast for the next three days, and so far the heroes of Keys Energy have kept the electricity flowing without interruption. Hats off to them.

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Amanda said...

It sure looks like the Keys are getting hit hard, and like you're going to keep getting it for another day or two. Try to stay dry, and be happy you live in Florida, where the infrastructure is mildly better than the BVI