Monday, October 17, 2011


I really do feel bad for Texas. The Lone Star State is in the middle of an epic drought, soil is drying up, cattle are dying and rice is shrivelling up in the paddies. No such problems here in the so-called Sunshine State.

People like to scare me when I talk in a carefree manner of the pleasure I get walking my dog in the mangroves. Snakes! They warn; Rattlers! Which, when you see these islands semi-submerged doesn't seem very likely does it?

More and more rain is expected for at least half this week and yet it seems we are already at capacity. The water level here is almost up to the roadway...

Though Cheyenne bravely tried to lower the level single handedly. She thinks it tastes good.

Gray skies overhead promised more rain and frankly I've had enough. I have no idea why we couldn't lasso some of these black clouds and haul 'em off to Fort Worth.

The thing is I like the idea of being holed up at home with a decent movie and and strong drink on a rainy afternoon, but after the first twenty four hours of continuous drenching rain I am sick of it. If I wanted this crap I'd be in Seattle. I live here because I want sunshine and swimming and sitting on the porch and ...and... and now I sound petulant.

Oh well.

Things could be worse. I could have run out of strong drink.

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Amanda said...

I sympathize with your petulance, and feel the same way. I enjoy the occasional dark and rainy day to curl up with a book and some coffee. But one at a time is enough. I get grumpy after that.

At least in the Keys, you only have short spells of it to endure.

Builds character