Monday, December 19, 2011

Trumbo Waters

A cruise ship was in town and even though it was a mile away it dominated the skyline of our fair city.

With all the people off the boat crowding Lower Duval I decided to take Cheyenne for a waterfront stroll on Trumbo Road.

We stood there outside the Coastguard gate looking at the water.

I watched the center console closing in on the Key West Bight with Sunset Key in the background while Cheyenne refreshed herself in the water.

This corner used to be known as the Toxic Triangle a place where the effluent from the generator in the "Steam Plant" used to be dumped directly into the sea.

I knew people who tied their boats up here and lived on them despite the stench, simply because the price was right (free, obviously).

Nowadays the ex-military landing craft that service Sunset Key tie up here in-between hauling garbage trucks and delivery vehicles to the island across the harbor.

Key West is a tourist town that doesn't pause and every day professional boaters can be seen earning money on the waters surrounding the island.

Looking at the water can make you oblivious to the beauty overhead.

And even the sparse greenery at the Coastguard base has an austere beauty.

Where toxic waters flowed and rat boats tied up today there is the very clean and functional and proper ferry terminal.

Three hours ride in the evening gets you to Fort Myers beach while the morning ride comes south and lands here.

For details: Key West Express

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