Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Downtown Dustcatchers

It's a funny thing but people do enjoy that which is familiar. One can debate which locally made ice cream is best, but one can wonder why people come hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles to eat what they can buy at home. But they do.

A convenience store with happy hour? Is that a deal?

For those that get confused and show up with winter clothing only, there is help at hand. Buy now, buy often.

Jewels anyone?

A souvenir photo might be enough.

I cannot imagine how one views Key West by climbing off a ship, and seeing this and going no further. Fried food and stuff from China is not the real Key West.

Is this what one buys to remember the Southernmost City?

There was a simpler way back when they fished off this wreck.

It's tempting to think those were the good old days, until you get toothache or the electricity goes out and you're sitting in the dark and your fresh food isn't so fresh anymore.

I stopped by to see Curt at the Conch Fritter stand, another cog in the Historic Tours machine. Curt lives his own life on his boat, saves his money from his two jobs, paints and watches the sunset from the deck of his home. He has the real Key West figured.

Curt is the link to his story.
And he provides weary visitors a place to take a break with his fritters.

I am not a shop keeper by inclination but what I ask myself, does fifty percent off mean? Off what?

For many Key West is dust catchers and bars.

For others it's a small town easily explored by bicycle.

For those that live here the bicycle is the commuter vehicle of choice so they can get down to this corner of the island and sell the visitors that which they want. And odd stuff it is apparently.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of like going to Yellowstone Park and returning home with plastic bear and buffalo figurines made in China. Alas the average Key West tourist just off the cruise ship will never make it to El Siboney's or BO's Fishwagon for their outstanding food, but will be happy to find the Wendy's on Duval Street.

Bob from Livingston Montana

Len said...

Count us among the "small town easily explored by bike" crowd.

It really is a shame that many (if not most) visitors don't get anywhere near the "real" Key West.

Conchscooter said...

We will just have to work on them.