Monday, December 19, 2011

Duncan Street By Night

The heavy hedge at the corner of White Street marks the narrow entrance to Duncan Street, which despite all appearances is actually a two way street.

Duncan Street is quite an unassuming but is best known as the home of Tennessee Williams who first came to Key West in 1941 and bought a home at 1431 Duncan in 1947. it was the only home he ever owned and he kept it until he died in 1983.

He was born in March 1911 so we ca expect a blitz of centenary celebrations next year which means all of us need to know all about the man. The Art and History Museum on Front Street is doing it's bit. Tennessee Williams In Key West

It was a breezy night and I wished I had my gorilla pod which was safely at home in the Bonneville saddlebag.

This part of Key West was on the edge of town when the writer moved here though nowadays it's just another street in the city.

I make it a point to ride Duncan Street from time to time just because it's there and it's leafy and pretty. Next year doubtless it will be clogged with Tennessee Williams tourists.

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