Monday, December 19, 2011

Wheels Across Key West

This short essay reverts to one of my favorite subjects of whimsy in this blog, which is how people get around the Southernmost City. The subject came to mind when I spotted this gaggle of moped riding tourists stopped by the light at North Roosevelt and Fifth. They were off to a flying start and brilliantly they all got their feet tucked up without injury and flew off down the boulevard in a group without knocking each other over. That was impressive, I am not fond of group riding.

This guy was riding a weird Chinese scooter-built-to-look-like-a-motorcycle. The line between the two types of powered two wheelers is getting less well defined as time goes by.

This man was skateboarding but it wasn't strictly for sport. He was taking his shopping home which I thought rather deft of him. The Kymco scooter in the foreground is equipped like a typical delivery vehicle in Key West with the cooler for a top case.

On the open road home I did a poor job of snapping. These brisk snowbird cyclists all dressed up and highly visible.

This dude was enjoying the fresh pavement at Mile Marker 17 where they did not seem to have the room to create a. Proper new bicycle path.

A proper cycle path the length of the Keys is the aim. It seems too long and too hot and too exposed to be much fun cycling the highway. I've done short bits with my pedal bike and that was how it seemed to me. Riding it on my Bonneville is always fun.

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