Monday, December 19, 2011

North Cudjoe Walk

There is a trail that leads off Cutthroat Drive on the north side of Cudjoe Key.

It is I suspect a road built for a development that never materialized and has become a trail for walkers or cyclists who like to see mangroves and palmettos close up.

The surface is crushed rock so it's easy to walk though in summer it tends to flood and the heat and humidity persuade my dog it's not worth being here.

So this is a winter walk, cool dry air, mid seventies, no mosquitoes and a light breeze mostly masked by the bushes,

Trash piles up from the bad old days but nowadays I find the dump, just up the road takes everything and is easy to use and reasonably priced.

Environmentalists tell us coke cans rot in about 500 years when left to lie around in the wild. This car was built just a few decades ago and it's almost gone!

Some kind soul brought a can of spray paint to the woods to leave this cultural mark on an old gate. I came to the conclusion it was either a representation of a face or a Dali-esque reproduction of the female anatomy.

Fat Albert's base is just around the corner close to the dump.

I wish flying for humans were as easy as it is for the turkey vultures.

They ride the thermals like they were born to it with no security checks or lines to wait in, no cancellations and no airline food.

I expect we will soon start seeing comments in the anonymous Citizen's Voice about all those birds hanging around in the sky.

It was no big thing being out in the woods.

But it was another great walk under the sun.

The highway gets clogged in winter and cold fronts are a pain but days like this make up for the bad stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Conchscooter - I'm a fellow European-American having moved from Finland to Bellingham, WA with my parents in 1969 at the age of ten. We are part-time residents of Key West having bought 912 James St. front a year ago in April. I read your blog regularly just to keep in touch with what is going on down there. We'll be down this Friday and will stay until after the New Year, so if you're in the neighborhood, stop by and say "hello". The Flying Finn.

Conchscooter said...

You are very kind but I must have some Finnish blood in me for I am very shy, but I do like to walk James Street....

Anonymous said...

If you're too shy, just meander in front of the house with Cheyenne and my wife will say "hey, there's that Conchscooter dude out front", and I'll come out and say "hello". Looks like the weather is going to be really nice and mild for Christmas unlike the cold spell we had last year. The old conch houses aren't well insulated if they're insulated at all and it was pretty chilly last year. We bought a space heater at Home Depot a couple of months ago so if it gets cold we'll stay warm. The Finn

Christopher Shepherd said...

This trail is actually signed as Cutthroat on GIS and Google Maps, but is more historically known as "Cudjoe Plantation Road". Where the trail washes out at the end, there was a wooden bridge until about 1998 when the bridge was removed and the roadway demolished to yield the area back to nature as it were. The gate marks the beginning of USFWS-owned Key Deer Refuge land. Maybe once a year you'll see some enormous bucks up here.