Friday, December 9, 2011

The Edge Of The Cemetery

We were ambling out of Bill Butler Park were Cheyenne and I one evening. We'd met a couple of dogs romping in the urban park which made me realize how lucky my dog is to have all the Lower Keys to play in. Now we were making our slow way back to the car on Margaret Street.

The light was fading over the cemetery but the three quarter moon was still little more than a speck in the darkening sky.

Christmas poinsettias for the dead.

It's an odd notion but the cemetery has become a tourist attraction in and of itself. The original cemetery was on the south shore of the island but it got trashed by a hurricane and the city moved it to the center of the island on what was at the time the periphery of the town. That it is now in the middle of town is a testament to the expansion of the human population of Key West.

The tourist role of the cemetery clashes from time to time with the desires of the relatives of the dead, but as usual anyone with common sense can enjoy the cemetery as a repository of history without trampling the graves and the families that care for them. Some people want the place spiffed up but I quite like air of decay that hangs over the old cement plots.and at dusk the place is more evocative than ever. I was glad Cheyenne was taking a slow walk outside the fence to give me time to enjoy the evening.

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