Friday, December 9, 2011

Johnson Street

One can only imagine the restrictions posted by the blank sign, long since faded from view.

This end of Johnson reaches into the Casa Marina district of town, the southwest corner near the hotel of the same name.

This is the upmarket end of a town that is generally high priced by Florida standards.

The walls are high, the trees are mature and and one cannot escape the feeling sometimes of being under observation...

Henry Flagler had the genial idea of creating destinations in sunny Florida so his trains would have passengers to haul to the otherwise under developed Sunshine State.

Up north he threw up palaces along the beaches of the east coast and when, a century ago, the rails finally made the trip to Key West a ferry-free proposition he built the Casa Marina to attract passengers and offer a stopping place for traffic to and from Havana.

This side of Key West was a backwater considering the population was centered on the waterfront and the cemetery delineated the edge of town.

It is no longer a hotel in a field, the Casa Marina. Now it is the neighborhood with the expansive modern homes and yards

Angular and cemented, shapes harkening to the gables of Old Town.

In some way it's a different shade of white here.

Not the picket fence and hibiscus of the warm friendly lanes across town.

Cheyenne's okay with it.

Though she had to work to find interesting smells in the manicured grounds along the sidewalks.

Oops, a moment, of quirk.

Proper sidewalks, cut outs and ramps, all very modern.

Parking versus sidewalks is an issue in Old Town where cars crowd narrow streets.

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