Friday, December 9, 2011

Key West Wildlife

A proud specimen of the wildlife that fosters so many emotions in Key West.

One could call it ironic that the chickens were wandering loose around the wildlife center but they wander pretty much all over town.

I tell people to check the post office on Whitehead Street if they want to see wild chickens but that obviously isn't the only place.

Murals are a common enough sight around town too, but I take pleasure every time I see them decorating some unlikely building, a shop a real estate office or a wildlife center on White Street.

More wildlife lurking.

We are told the street chickens are descendants of fighting chickens brought to Key West by migrating Cubans. As I picture Cubans fleeing their tormented island I am supposed to imagine them crating a few fighting roosters in their chugs as they
prepared to cross the Gulf Stream.

It seems unlikely to me.

I figure chickens just got loose during the depressed years in the 60s when the Navy was pulling out and money was in short supply and blocks were abandoned. The city has come back and the chickens have endured

Nowadays they are protected in Key West though in a tip of the hat to cultures past they may be killed for the pot though it's hard to imagine anyone eating one of these elasticated living rubber chickens

It's a busy life being a Key West street chicken, always looking for something lying on the ground.

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