Friday, December 9, 2011

My Favorite Hill

The quintessential palm waving in a strong easterly breeze. They say palms got their name from their appearance, fingers spread, waving in the breeze.

Perhaps my imagination is lacking. In any event this turn out just south (and west) of Bahia Honda State Park keeps drawing me back. And I am not alone, though I rarely walk the tide pools and never beach comb.

She apparently shared my disdain for slippery semi-submerged rocks in tide pools. I wasn't sure if she was keeping an eye on her soul mate or simply enjoying the view across the water as I was.

People pull over at the top of the hill, because this is one place to get a view out over the water.

And it's not a developed parking area either. This is the Lower Keys in the raw, gravel pull put, trash can and nothing more. This hill was built to provide a ramp for Flagler's railway up to the Bahia Honda bridge. The first train direct to Key West came through here January 22nd 1912, so as you can imagine they are ramping up events to mark the centenary next month.

These Québécois were picnicking and dreaming of blizzards and ice fishing back home.

The first strong cold front of winter has mowed people down with flu-like symptoms, colds, headaches sore throats and on and on and on.

We in the Keys would not do well at all if we had to go ice fishing and get to work through blizzards.

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