Sunday, December 11, 2011

Southard Street

A key deer lurking under the eaves? Not really, it was a statue catching dust, disguised by my trembling hand.

This encounter was live and real. I had to pass the "Is she friendly?" test which always seems absurd to me, so much so I describe Cheyenne as my 'attack Labrador.' My cheerful irony in a world gone mad with fearfulness.

This fence doesn't look like much but you should see it after dark, and you likely will soon enough on this page, for that is when the Christmas lights come on. Last year it won runner up status as I recall in the city wide competition.

It is bougainvillea season in the Southernmost City so you might as well get used to seeing them on the page. Like this:

And the thriving prickly pear bush near Elizabeth Street is producing once again. And those would be bougainvillea in the background, of course.

This is the porch of Madjack's place he of Solaris Hill Notes fame. Not a blog for the faint hearted. But there again I like to think his pungent observations are obvious, but only perhaps to a clique of Key West eccentrics!

There must be a huge trade in France selling these dust catchers to American visitors.

I can't get over how much I like these small Key West views.

Geometric severity made tropical.

To rebuild one must tear down and work continues apace on the late Bonnie Albury home. The new owners dropped a comment on an earlier entry about the house. They complained the neighborhood is speculating the old home may become a rental. Never! Affirm the owners.

They hope to make the late Bonnie Albury proud with their renovation. A tall order I think as I recall her imperious voice crackling down the phone ordering me to send a cop to move along a man with easel painting her house. That happened a lot and she did not like it.

I enjoy seeing the house rebuilt, just because it seems so counter intuitive in a world losing it's collective economic shirt. Preservation seems eccentric and a manifestation of faith in the future. Great stuff.

Key West, the past as future.

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Squeeze said...

Thank you for posting progress on our house project. We appreciate all the support and patience from our neighbors as well as everyone who has wanted good things to happen to Bonnie's house.

I feel fortunate to have seen Bonnie before she passed on...she hissed at me and my husband as we admired her home from across the street.

David B. said...

She had good days, too. I enjoyed talking with her regularly on my walks to work in the morning.

Conchscooter said...

I lived in a monument once and frankly I much prefer anonymity in my suburban tree house. I am not very good at appeasing curious neighbors.

Len said...

We stayed in the home just behind the Albury house for a week last Christmas. It was a shame to see the disrepair the home had fallen into. It's great to see someone come in and bring the place back life. We wish them all the best.

David Lybrand said...

The 8th & 9th pics above are of the Gospel Chapel, one of the quainter churches in Old Town. That church building was moved there from across and down the street (the corner across from the Albury house) back around the turn of the (20th) century. The connected house behind it was moved backward on the lot to make room, and was later connected to the church as a parsonage.

Key West -- a plethora of stories in every block....

Conchscooter said...

You will enjoy whe these stories continue as Chuck joins with me in ferreting out every Key West secret spot.