Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mile Zero Courthouse

This is the actual Mile Zero, and the reason why the corner of Fleming and Whitehead Streets has the sign marking the end, or beginning of Highway One.

The opposite end of the Highway is in Fort Kent, Maine marked according to Google Streetview by a wooden signboard next to the bridge over the river into Canada. The gentlepeople of Maine seem to put rather less stock in their end of the highway than the tourist oriented society at this end.

However, rather than simply staring at the street sign which can be seen here: Mile Zero, I was more interested this time in the complex of buildings that are the heart of Monroe County government. The State Supreme Court has ruled that trees and menorahs are suitable seasonal decorations for public offices this time of year, in one of those Solomonic decisions that seem to please no one, and I rather liked the modest little lighted bush in the upper window. Then I saw offices with actual open windows to allow natural fresh air inside and I had a spasm of envy.

The wildlife posed rather generously for me with the white wall background making them look stuffed and mounted. They were actually quite alive and active when I took these pictures.

I am once again sticking my neck out on fauna of which I know nothing and I shall guess they are mockingbirds but they neither screeched at us nor dive bombed us as we passed.

Perhaps they were having an off day or they were on tranquilizers. You can tell this place is the nerve center of something.

The courthouse complex has grown over the years with new buildings added to the original, clock-towered classic brick southern courthouse. The whole place is lovely, kept like a park.

Then there is the Freeman Justice Building, the new courthouse added in back. Freeman Justice Center

And there's even a picnic table out front of the whole complex under the kapok tree where a tired dog walk can eat a 'to go' lunch and watch the passersby-by. County government at your service.

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