Sunday, December 11, 2011

A State Of Mind

There are times I wish the Conch Republic were more than a state of mind, which reflection prompts the consideration that were that the case not many of us would have permanent residence, never mind citizenship.

Instead a passport is available to anyone with a hundred dollar bill to spare and an appropriate photograph. The ability to ride a scooter would be a requisite in my state of mind on any application for citizenship, that and a bicycle, three wheelers not excluded in either case.

The language test for my Conch Republic citizenship application would require the candidate to be able to ask for a Cuban coffee without hesitation or repetition, and to know the difference between a colada and a
large with one

The Conch Republic of my state of mind would have working pay phones and would not discriminate on the basis of gender (preference), eccentricity or reluctance to use the latest gadgetry.

Irritating humans would have to be on leashes at all times in public places and parks would be reserved for dogs with only attending humans permitted.

Every citizen would be required to look up every day at least once to enjoy the view.

And tourists would be forced to surrender one vacation image upon departure as an exit tax from the Republic.

I'm certain more regulations would come to mind as one forged ahead.

However if Monaco can exist by skimming off other people's money I'm sure I don't know why the Conch Republic can't. All it takes is vision.

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