Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Man Purse

I have found that having a bag, known these days as a man purse is a useful thing in my life. Some men get by with a wallet in their pocket but I haul too much crap around for that.

I used to use a back pack but I found it was heavy even when empty and I mostly carried it on one shoulder strap and when riding it was hot on my back and difficult to access. So when we were planning our motorcycle trip in Italy I thought perhaps a bag that I could carry comfortably at my side while riding might work better.


I bought the $97 courier bag in the 18 inch model. The bag material is waterproof even though heavy rain they say will penetrate the ends so wrapping stuff in plastic is a good idea if wet weather riding is forecast.

The $27 organizer bag I find invaluable. At first I worried that the Velcro attachment might not work but as usual Aerostich meets and exceeds all expectations. They ride and they use the stuff they sell and it shows. The bag closes with Velcro and also comes with strs and clips if you need to make sure it will stay closed tight.

I carry everything I need in this bag, including my camera, iPad and a book and magazine or two. The organizer works perfectly, and between that and the built-in pocket I have everything where I need it.

Aerostich makes these bags in several sizes including a smaller version that actually resembles a man purse. I know that for many men a murse is an object t be feared and that's their loss. This bag folds and fits in my top case for commuting, or with an extra fold it will also fit in my Pelican case 1430 panniers so it is a rare time that I have to wear it on the open road. Around town it is far too convenient to be able to carry the bag over your shoulder and hop on and off the bike as you need to with everything to hand, wallet, checks, pens and notebook etc...

I like this bag a great deal and if you are afraid to be seen with a murse be advised these things are becoming fashionable. My pink iPad case may take longer to catch on.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

I've toured the Areostitch factory. If you asked nicely, they'd do one in pink for you.

Conchscooter said...

Had my wife ordered it, it would have been pink. I spent $130 without uxorial authorization.