Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Repairing Caroline

THe city of Key West is seeking public comment on proposals to revamp Caroline Street between Grinnell and Elizabeth Streets.

Caroline is the street that introduces arrivals on the Fort Myers ferry to downtown Key West and it is in a sorry state all things considered.

Naturally commuters want the Tax Increment Funds, a dedicated taxing mechanism, to be spent resurfacing the street and they have a point because it is in terrible shape but one would like to hope there might be more to be prettified than just asphalt.

When the city bored out the storm drains which used to flood regularly under a light misting of rain they also put nice cut outs at the corner of Caroline and William. I'd like to suppose maybe we could see native fruit trees and the like lining the street that runs alongside the waterfront.

One day Key West will put on it's big girl's blouse and wonder if perhaps one way streets and -gasp!- pedestrian malls might not make for a more shopper friendly downtown. Not in my lifetime, I know, so I avoid this area in winter when you can't move for people.

Solar power, pedestrian malls, public recycling, dedicated bike paths, all that can wait as long as the city remains in the black and the tourists keep coming anyway. How nice it is to have well funded public budgets. Pity the poor school district and the clowns that lead it.

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