Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Signs With No Point

I disagree with this sign. The are no bad dogs, just bad owners. I dislike people who expect their dogs to be vicious. I also expect dogs to be obedient. People? Not so much.

And just to prove my point I saw this box on a Key West street. Anyone who needs written instructions and diagrams to explain how to pick up dog shit with a plastic bag probably has bigger, more inexplicable conundrums in their life.

I justify receiving a tree killing newspaper every day by reusing the plastic bag it comes in. More or less in the manner of the drawings above, and I figured it out all by myself.

At first sight this sign seems discriminatory, "No Motorcycles!"

Anyone who would pay $13 a day to park a motorcycle in the city garage on Grinnell is probably the kind of person who needs to carry instructions on how to pick up dog turds. Free street parking is everywhere and in Key West you may park a motorcycle in a car space if all else fails. And get a ticket for each machine in the space if the meter expires.

This last sign mentioned a woman by first and last name. Urban Dictionary to the rescue! To be long winded doesn't seem the kind of offense that merits it's own bumper sticker but I am going to guess the female pig mentioned declined to offer refreshment to assuage the hurt feelings of the author. I believe even bloviating sows have the right to refuse sex if they feel like it. So much drama from a small bumper sticker!

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