Friday, September 16, 2011

Bikers Ahoy!

"We're expecting five thousand bikers!" the nice man from Sunrise Rotary told me. I was wondering what exactly rotarians sell when they set up a booth in Key West.

Raffle tickets is what they sell and a motorcycle is the prize with income shared between Rotary and diabetes research. I am quite fond of Rotary and their good works but I could easily share the diabetes research - unless you are genetically unfortunate, try simply eating well, exercising and avoiding life altering drugs. That was easy, next? Eat my Labrador if you dare little dog.

Duval Street was getting ready this morning for an onslaught of monied bikers.

Plenty of pointless advice was also on tap.

I don't think these nice people came here to see bikers drinking responsibly, more's the pity.

How often does anyone thank the City of Key West's public works department for the anonymous work they do? Keeping our city clean one irritating graffito at a time.

Motorcyclists Only is the watchword for Lower Duval this weekend and they will pay to park. All proceeds to charity naturally.

Used beer containers will be on hand and I'll bet they will smell delicious after brewing in the hot September afternoons.

I took a quick snap of these workers unloading something. At first I thought their shirts said "Stuff" which seemed surprisingly appropriate.

The early birds found Key West at it's best.

I saw this guy circling downtown several times. I guess it really is more fun when it's empty. That's how it seems to me anyway, empty is fun.

The Overseas Highway has seen a trickle of riders all day.

Going in both directions oddly enough.

Most are V-twin cruisers with an occasional sport bike thrown into the mix.

I enjoy riding Highway One and after years of doing this road I still fail to find it boring.

I wanted to pause at the bus stop and advise her it's faster by motorbike, but I don't think she would have enjoyed hearing from me.

She could have taken the advice from this hussy, in thigh boots riding a pink tricycle.

It is going to be an odd weekend in Key West.

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