Friday, September 16, 2011

Motorcycle Details

I am a form follows function kind of rider. Thus it is that the sport bike on the left appeals to me more than the uncomfortable, though stylish cruiser on the right.

I do not expect to give up my splendid Bonneville for any other motorcycle, despite the utter lack of style of my luggage laden Triumph.

Custom saddles are a popular option, expensive as hell and stylish indeed. Even though "Pera" is a polite Italian euphemism for fart, and so to read the label brought a smile to me.

I am not fond of banana saddles that require the rider to hunker in one wedged spot. However not many Triumph riders seem to like the stock Bonneville seat, calling it a plank. Individuality has it's costs.

Forward foot controls make it a requirement to sit on the tailbone which is uncomfortable to me. And which also makes it awkward to move body weigh to control the motorcycle.

Besides I like foot controls that don't resemble automotive pedals. Boy, I am fussy! On the subject I really don't know why a headlight, already strangely shaped on a Victory motorcycle, needs teeth.

The front end of this this motorbike looks astonishingly old fashioned to me, a child of tele-hydraulic forks.

But they do enjoy their weird girder type forks and tiny headlights. In Britain motorcycles are not required to have lights at all, as long they only ride in daylight. Imagine that.

And on the subject of details I don't like add radios. I
love listening to the car radio, NPR accompanies me and irritates me on long drives but on the motorcycle I only want to listen to the thoughts in my brain.

And I certainly don't want to be walking Cheyenne at the side of the Overseas Highway and be required to listen to some foul Doppler noise from a passing motorcycle.

Here I stand revealed as the world worst fuss pot. And I didn't even mention ridiculously loud mufflers. I let anonymous rag on about that in the Citizen's Voice in the newspaper.

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fxrguy said...

I don't have a radio on either of my bikes, Roadking and a Lowrider. I have felt the same about having a radio on a bike in the past but I have rented bikes with radios and I could get used to it. There are times when I'm on a week or longer roadtrip and the diversion is, at times, welcome.

fxrguy said...

I guess a persons taste in motorcycles is all in the eye of the beholder. While I currently ride Harleys, I grew up on Hondas and kawasakis. I've lately been watching Cafe Racer on TV. I love how they retro tho old Japanese bikes. I have thought about doing the same to my FXR. Living just outside Daytona, one of my favorite pass times is to look at all the bikes during Bikeweek and talking to the owners. Passing judgement on somebody elses bike only invites being judged.

Anonymous said...

The truth is you love looking at motorcycles even when they're not the type you prefer. You seem both annoyed and energized by the Poker run spectacle.

And yes, you've been a fuss pot all week ( I think you even complained about Cheyenne in one post) but that will pass.

Conchscooter said...

Fear of being judged leads to the wet and woolly world of political correctness which we tough bikers absolutely loathe.
The ability to make fun of oneself is generally in short supply too, so when you non judgmental tough harleyistas can bring yourselves to wear pink crocs and call yourselves fusspots you can join me in the hot end of the pool.
I do like motorcycles but I wish there was a ducati diavel cruiser to drool over, or a Moto Guzzi California or even a Triumph Thunderbird. But no such luck.

Chuck and the Pheebs said...

I'm not wearing any damned pink crocs; too restrictive.

And to be judged byt the thundreing herd of two wheeled individuality? Methinks the outcome would be in a narrow range.

I too, didn't see very many interesting bikes - interesting defined vi mechanical variations, not the ability to navigate a Custom Chrome catalog.

Spent last night daydreaming about either a Multistrada or an 1100 Sport - neither of which had a le Fart seat.

fxrguy said...

I'm pretty sure anybody with a motorcycle could have showed up on the run. If there were not different types of motorcycles there then I guess they either stayed home, or had something else to do.

Conchscooter said...

Yup, working perhaps or sitting at home reading annoying blogs!
I like the ADVrider site. Lots of stories of people who ride, mostly GS rides but there was one guy who took his Road King to Patagonia the hard way and garnered a bunch of comments from readers who had no idea Road Kings were up to the task.
It's the rider not the machine that gets the job done. At the risk of boring you with logic understand I have no feelings one way or another about Harleys. To give you an idea i fancy a Sportster 1200 R. It's the posing by people who fly to Miami rent a bike and act like hard core riders on a 150 mile ride that has to be one of the easiest in the country.
Pretty yes, but not hard.
I am myself on these pages and I am opinionated and not afraid of dying alone as long as I precede my wife. I don't make shit up and I make no concessions to fashion. A d I don't name my motorcycles. Or wear hi viz or ride only in the dry.

fxrguy said...

Wow, Harley makes a motorcycle that can make it to South America? I thought you had to ride a Gold Wing to do something like that. Guy must have been crazy or just plain lucky... Logic doesn't bore me, illogical comparisons sometimes drives me out of the house to go for a bike ride though!

fxrguy said...

I lived in Key West for a few years back in the late 70's early 80's and wouldn't wear pink crocs even if they had them back then. I did, however, ride a 73 Kawasaki Z1 and loved it!

Conchscooter said...

The beuaty of key west is that a small bike would be great fun, a CBR 250 looks perfect. The bad part is that these islands are miles from anything resembling a hill. I'd rather have a granite peak a thousand feet tall where the Everglades are.

fxrguy said...

I like the Honda 250 Rebel. Trying to talk my girlfriend into getting one.