Friday, September 16, 2011

Nature Preserve, Atlantic Boulevard

It has been a while since I stopped here and time to go back for a quick stroll.

It is an arduous undertaking to walk 300 yards to the beach, through crab holes and roots and -gasp!- uneven ground. Imagine that!

You'd think the preserve on Atlantic Boulevard would be packed judging by all the bicycles stuck in the rack. Not a bit of it.

We ambled off together, Cheyenne and I, down the highly dangerous trail all on our lonesome.

The mangroves to the west of the trail are a typical tangle of roots branches and leaves. I'm used to seeing this landscape in the Lower Keys but for people who never leave The Rock it's not such a common sight.

Cheyenne found the trail filled with irresistible smells.

Atlantic Condominiums line the eastern side of the trail with all the appurtenances of modern living, fencing, gas tanks parking and so forth. Key West is so small everything tends to impinge on everything else all the time.

It had rained shortly before we arrived but the joy of (sub) tropical rain is that it comes and goes and doesn't give people hypothermia. It can make for pretty pictures though.

And lo and behold, will wonders never cease! Welcome to the 21st century, Key West. Public recycling! Unfortunately I looked inside and saw a sandwich, paper bags, plastic bags and styrofoam all of which goes to show that the flesh is willing but the brain is weak in too many cases.

We have single stream recycling, thank you Waste Management, but we need more education as to what can be recycled and what can't. Perhaps it's time to stop selling coffee in styrofoam?

We have been having some really lovely mornings this month, typical for the time of year. The day starts around 85 degrees and gets up over 90 by early afternoon though rarely have the days been muggy.

The enormous cement block is 1800 Atlantic, the sort of condo construction no longer allowed in the city.

And back on Atlantic Boulevard filling with commuters.

In the grand scheme of things the Nature Preserve isn't much but it is a small piece of conservation wedged between Key West's few uncharacteristically massive condos.

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sir:

Photo #10 is most striking. In a northern East Coast City, a natural interlude of thi nature would be called a Vest-Pocket-Mini-Park.

Where is the nude beach?

Twisted Roads

Conchscooter said...

Boca chic. Take mosquito repellent or they will drain your trunk.

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

"There's a squiter on my peter and I cannot shake'em off..."