Friday, September 16, 2011

Johnson Road, Sugarloaf

Years ago Florida was known for it's land sales, when developers promised buyers the earth and sold off tracts of swamp to people eager to buy a retirement home in the permanent sunshine of this exotic state. These days things are a bit different, what with the Internet and reputable realtors within easy reach. So when I see a sign like this fronting a small wood I imagine a novel by John D MacDonald in the making.

Actually it looks rather tasty, south of the highway, thus on the quiet side when the prevailing southeast winds blow traffic noise to the north, and this lot has paved access at both ends. This could be my misanthrope's retreat, an oasis surrounded by impenetrable thickets. It will probably just end up as a commercial development as usual.

Johnson Road points straight due south across from Mangrove Mama's restaurant and ends in an RV campground. However it is not the Old State Highway 939 but it parallels that road which gives access to the KOA nearby.

This time of year the mangroves are flooded creating a scene all their own, neither land nor water.

It doesn't look terribly enticing for an overnight cookout even of the sign weren't posted...

And across Kemp Channel on Cudjoe Key, Fat Albert keeps watch on potential smugglers.

These are peaceful backwaters in the Keys, far from the crowds rushing around on Highway One a quarter of a mile away.

I was early on my way into town to meet my wife so I stopped for a few pictures and a breather.

I first noticed the flooded condition of the mangroves around here one night on a full moon recently when I took a short detour, as one does, on the ride home from work. I knew I needed to come back and check it out. So I did.

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Brady said...


I can see it now - you sitting on a back porch with your thicket as protection, dog at your side, side-by-side across your lap - jus' in case. Go for it.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

Conchscooter said...

Bloody Germans. Making fun of us Merikuns and our passion for guns.
Seriously do you have any idea how much they charge for a proper shotgun? A nasty black repeater can be had for just 350.
I will be rocking on my porch with my mossberg thank you.