Friday, September 16, 2011

Motorcycles At Bike Week

Wandering Key West before the riotous mass of bikers was in town I got to see a few machines here and there that looked pretty one way or another. Not that I'd have any clue how to ride a chopper like the one shown above. The Harley Road King is my favorite Motor Company machine.

I wish there was an event in Key West that, like Noah's Ark, brought all sorts of different machines two by two, into town.

Instead it's almost all variations on a single theme.

But they do enjoy themselves, don't they?

At last! Yes it is a v-twin, but it is in fact a Monster by Ducati.

And here a sport bike with a rider nattily dressed for work and carrying the infamous courier bag instead of draping his machine with ugly bags, as I do.

He may be a mild mannered accountant by day, but this weekend you'd better not mess with this son of anarchy:

Hot! Hot!! Hot!!! This next one's for poofs everywhere. I hope I got it right, based on indicators provided to me by Chuck on Sugarloaf.

Happily some few riders get further afield to explore what else the Southernmost City has to offer.

September is the quietest month, except for Bike Week when unmuffled bikes and bandannas come to town.

Some residents, instead of taking a long weekend for an out of town vacation, complain about loud mufflers and crowded... crowds. Might as well rail against thunderstorms and downpours. They motorbikes will be gone by Sunday but the summer rains will hang in for a few more weeks.

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