Friday, September 30, 2011

Earth Ball Dreaming

That's Roger's home my wife said as we drove by. Roger is currently working on some projects with a friend and a nice chap he seems to be too.

He's done some rather decent carpentry work in our friend's very normal house on land, though his home is somewhat different, anchored in Bow Channel.

There is a website as you might imagine, in which the artful Roger explains how to build your own home for use on water or land.

It is rather tempting some days, isn't it, to tune in and drop out. Better that than sitting around waiting for Greece to demolish civilization as we know it.

I couldn't help but notice the comparisons between the very clever and useful Earth Ball and the slightly ridiculous floating "iceberg" used for entertainment at the campground.

I'm not sure I'd be ready to circumnavigate in a ball like this but I can only imagine what a Bahamas cruise might be like floating down the Exumas in a simple, light, inexpensive craft like this. Oh dear, dreams are dangerous.

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