Friday, September 30, 2011

Washington And William

A trailer nearly submerged by bougainvillea; is that the Key West take on entropy?

Cheyenne causes a certain wariness in wild animals, but it generally doesn't take them long to figure out she likes her prey dead, and preferably processed.

I saw this cactus on the terrace at the back of El Patio Motel and suddenly I conceived a desire to stay there. Which is silly because I live 28 miles away.

Sign painting in Key West and Monroe County is an art form unto itself. Street names are misspelled - Galvaston Poincianna and Carsten or Carstens are my current favorites. However the use of upside letter stencils drives me crazy.

I must be way too compulsive because I'm sure no one notices or cares like I do. A backwards N? No problem! Sometimes I am a pill. How does my wife put up with me?

The front of El Patio was looking a bit waterlogged as was much of the city the other day.

Woolwich Arsenal Football Club. I haven't seen that name in a while. They called them Arsenal because the original team was drawn, a century ago from workers at the Royal Arsenal at Woolwich (pronounced: wool-itch, appropriately enough). What it's doing in Key West one dreads to imagine.

Above we see a silent cyclist getting in the way. Below we see the object of picture, one more welcoming pineapple.

Here's a sign we like to believe.

These days 'pending' seems more hopeful than promising what with no credit, no banks, no loans and nothing much in the pipeline. And then they tell us to act surprised when we are informed we are back in a recession. No duh.

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