Friday, September 30, 2011

Change Can Be Good

Carolyn Fuller's house on Angela Street at the cemetery has undergone a minor cosmetic change for a major improvement in appearance.

The late artist was a curmudgeon of the highest order and
lived a reclusive life that anyone with my disposition would seek to emulate, but was cursed with an attractive home in a popular area and had to suffer the attentions of far too many tourists passing by. Yet she never did install a fence around her well known home preferring instead the bottle wall that subsequently suffered so much damage she changed it into a mirrored wall, which remains.

A new fence was installed after her death to gain some privacy though in my world a fence six feet tall would be preferable. It was a bright yellow garish thing which has been stained in some way and from being an eyesore it is now a rather nice addition to the home. How odd it is that Fuller's home has captured so much of the public imagination and interest in this town. I hope she is enjoying true retirement in whatever other world there may or may not be.

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Anonymous said...

Another person on the "Rock" I wish I had gotten to know!