Friday, September 30, 2011

Impromptu Boating

Cheyenne got to stay over at the boys' palazzo with the Vizlas, dogs that have cushions named after them, unlike my animal who has nothing named after her, not even a blog.

We adults piled picnic supplies into the cramped confines of the 21 footer and took off, with not a care in the world.

It was crisp and bright out on the water with a light southwest breeze blowing the humidity away. It was lovely.

Wayne was busy working on his tan at thirty miles per hour,

... while I was nattily attired as usual for an afternoon out on the water. I really need to pull out the brand new Crocs Amanda kindly sent me from the Virgin Islands. I am hoarding them.

I missed Cheyenne who was definitely not out with us in her accustomed place:

Captain Crabmore (aka Chuck) hardly needed the mapping GPS but he is nothing if not cautious. Water is quite thin in these parts.

Out we went down Sugarloaf Creek, previously explored in this blog a couple of days ago.

And we found the waters of the Straits of Florida were just rather too rough for swimming. It wasn't tempestuous or anything dramatic, but the fresh southwest breeze that was blowing away humidity and cobwebs was also whipping up uncomfortable waves in the open water, so we retreated.

It was tough but we coped in the protected waters behind the mangrove islands. Wayne started getting plaintive about needing food so we interrupted the swimming and bullshitting session and my wife retrieved her hard fought fried chicken.

It was actually Dion's fried chicken from Summerland Key but we forgot to stop to buy it on our drive over from our house to the boys's place so she had to turn around and go back the ten miles to pick it up, so it really was hard fought. And it tasted good according to Captain Crabmore:

He snuck my camera and took a picture of me having an unaccustomed good moment in the Florida Keys. It's not always like this, let me assure you.

But often it is.

Thunder rounded out the afternoon but then rain stayed away. Our abbreviated program was a good time, an excellent time for the boys who had never previously bothered to just stop and swim and ignore the call of a planned destination. Which times are best I find, the impromptu ones, though Cheyenne does like to share them.

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