Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Keys Boats

I heard the breathless weatherman on US 1 radio suggest a cold front may be around soon though 'cold' is relative. We might possibly see a reduction in humidity according to the recorded Mr Archer in distant Lutz.

I like the change of season for a while at least. When we get the first real cold front of winter the temperature drop will be welcome, and everyone loves throwing open their windows and doors to enjoy nature's air conditioning.

Swimming will cease for locals whose place will be taken by rugged visitors, fresh from the ice floes Up North and who find seventy degree water to be quite comfortable. Breaking down on the water is a pain, making a friend in need, especially with a tow rope, a friend indeed.

I generally pull my boat out around November, or when the water is too cold for swimming.

I don't fish because I am an idiot and I find pitting my wits against fish to be an embarrassing path to failure.

Sailing I like but it takes time and passion and I've burned that flame out for a while. I like the flat water sailing around here after years spent fighting huge Pacific waves and swells on Monterey Bay, and frigid fog and the currents of San Francisco Bay.

Driving a motorboat is not that interesting to me, it takes noise and bouncing to get the job done but it's a great way to get somewhere interesting.

This summer has been a dead loss for boating for me with my duff motor, the first season of failure since I bought the new Yamaha six years ago. I've coddled it and done all the maintenance but to no avail this year.

I've spent quite a few days and evenings lounging in a cockpit like this one. I remember them well and enjoyed myself.

I've changed chapters in my life. Boats are no longer a way of life, and as such, limiting. You don't get to see too much beyond e anchorage when your life is devoted to looking after a boat.

Boating now is for fun and I'm looking forward to more of the backwater explorations next year. My wife wants a kayak, and as the saying goes if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. And a kayak to it's credit, has no motor.

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Christopher Shepherd said...

http://photo.blogpressapp.com/show_photo.php?p=11/09/27/1325.jpg appears to be a nice shot of fellow Bow Channel dweller Captain Dale Bishop's Maverick Mirage HPXV with the new casting platform he's added.

Conchscooter said...

You are now officially a boat nerd.
If you say something once a week I will link to your blog. I enjoy your stuff but I want to kick you to write more.
Let me know how it goes ( ft Jefferson, boats and uscg licensing all in one post is a waste of ideas).
belgo.com Is worth a look but it is way too sporadic. Tell him please.