Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Porch Living

It used to be that a book was what was needed to sit out on a rainy afternoon on the porch. That and a dog.

Nowadays one requires a portable computer, not necessarily in a pink carrying case, a wireless signal and a charged battery. And a sleeping dog.

A little rain makes the freshly carpeted porch snug, and reduces the heat enough to make sitting out comfortable. Or sleeping out for a dog.

My house is small enough that even on a regular sized 100-foot by 60-foot lot there is room enough around the edges for mature trees to wave their fronds around.

Against the day that the empty lots on either side fill in we are growing vines to increase the cover.

A rainy afternoon and a pot of tea made for a good afternoon off.

But there was promise at dusk of a sunny day to come. That will drive the dog to sleep in the shady cool of the unnatural dehumidified air indoors.

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Anonymous said...


It has been said: let sleeping dogs lie. There is another piece of trivia: allow Conchscooter to use his iPad, without interference.
I use Apple computers and although thought of an iPad more as a frivolus toy decided it was one more frivolus waste of hard-earned cash. Had a chance to purchase a used Version one from my local independent retailer for a whole lot less than a new iPad. Much to learn however find it useful. Given there is a 27 inch iMac and a 17 inch laptop in my two bedroom flat it may seem to be over kill.

The iPad to me is far more mobile than either of the two machines and as you noted as long as there's a wifi signal it will function.

Your Chyenne is a good companion; you've owned large dogs before so Cheyenne
on the property is not that unusual. Does she like to get her tummy rubbed?

Conchscooter said...

I carry my iPad everywhere. the battery lasts for ten hours straight at least and with Blogpress I can download pictures and write my essays and store them until I am in range of wireless again. In Key West I park outside the library and use their free signal. When Cheyenne doesnt feel like walking we sit in the shade by the water and she watches the world go by while I write. Its an amazing tool.
Cheyenne likes to be rubbed most when my wife is around. She is a jealous dog.

Chuck and the Pheebs said...

My wife loves hers - and she has a Mac in the house, too. After futzing with her Pad for a while, I decided I preferred the traditional tactility of a keyboard while lusting after the profile and ruggedness of the Pad.

The solution for me was a 13" MacBook Air. Granted it's 3X the price of a Pad, but one may type 3X faster.

Since the Library is but 4 blocks from my house - does this mean I'll see you more often? If it's any incentive, I'll give you the access code to the router next time you stop by.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Folks:

My daughter swears that her iPad is the best thing since sliced peaches...And while she uses it for all the bullshit stuff, she really puts it to work in the classroom, where she is working on her third degree.

I have been an Apple devotee my entire professional life. The Apple MacBook Pro is simply the best computer money (and a lot of it) can buy.

Fondest regaeds,
Twisted Roads