Friday, October 21, 2011

Back To Normal

I was driving away from home when a friend flagged me down. What happened to Cheyenne? she asked. Rain, I replied. Oh, Linda said, I've been tossing a tennis ball across the living room to keep my dog happy. A week of rain has turned everyone crazy to some degree.

Oh yes, there was the sun rising above the horizon and hardly a cloud in sight. Of my dog all I got to see was her backside as she hurried off to catch up with the gossip left behind in the mangrove roots.

The locals were out as well, taking in the rays.

Actually there were some clouds but not enough to shut off the sun which was the all important thing. I have missed the sun.

There were colors too. The newspaper this morning was full of anonymous comments about the rain, linking the floods to climate change, melting polar ice caps and incompetent city storm drains. It's clear there is a lot of pent up emotion among people trapped unnaturally indoors.

It's as though the six days of tropical storm rains never happened.

Cheyenne saw her chance and took up a position hogging the ray of sunshine falling through the front door.

The rolling rumble of a dog snoring was a hint that she too is relieved everything is back to normal.

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Unknown said...

Mr Conchscooter:

you are lucky that your rain stops. We are coming up to our rainy season. It can rain continuously for 5 months until next Spring.

Riding the Wet Coast

Conchscooter said...


Danette said...

It's about time your tropical storm moved out. I was tired of seeing so many puddles and cloudy skies. Key West is supposed to be blue skies, sunshine, and beaches! You're not allowed to post that much crummy weather in a row!

Conchscooter said...

everyone was shell shocked by the duration and force of the endless rain.