Friday, October 21, 2011

Rainy Escape

Cheyenne and I took the car and drove north for twenty minutes. Others also were taking advantage of the break in the rain.

The scenery looked bleak and wintry... the sides and to the front.

Our destination looked similarly beset by the onset of cold season.

It wasn't really cold but no way was I going into the water.

Cheyenne got bored with me as I fiddled with the camera and struggled to keep the lense free of fog.

It was beautiful but not sunny.

Not at all sunny.

I started to enjoy myself.

Screw the weather. There's still stuff to see.

There has been quite a fair bit of water falling out of the sky.

Bloody hell! They still hadn't frozen their tits off! Who are these people?

See? It really has been raining.

Pond or parking lot?

This time round Cheyenne really was ready for a break.

I didn't give her one though. We drove somewhere else and started again. I wanted some peace and quiet at home in the afternoon.

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Dale said...

The pond/parking lot looks like an ashtray for giant cigaretts