Friday, October 21, 2011

Florida Pill Mills

My wife's rheumatologist is a badly overworked man, apparently it's not a field that attracts enough doctors and there are plenty of patients with auto-immune diseases. As a result making an appointment at Dr Ritter's is a hit and miss affair. We show up for the appointment on time and he struggles to keep ahead of the flood of patients. And fails. Which gives a curious patient a chance to read the notices in the office. It seems the State of Florida has tightened up the rules for the dispensing of pills. Get this, it's so complicated Dr Ritter has given up. If his patients need oxy-thingy pills they have to go to pain centers and stand in line with all the drug addicts begging for these desirable pills. I am told these drugs are not just for Rush Limbaugh anymore, he has competition as half South Florida is trading them and they are amazingly expensive and totally illegal without a complex prescription logged in quadruplicate.

Dr Ritter, who himself suffers from arthritis (physician heal thyself, I crowed at him) says his patients suffer agonies and actually need these damned pills but he can no longer prescribe them. The ironies pile up because our Governor, who in private life led a medical insurance company fined 1.7 billion dollars for Medicare fraud (no, really!), at first wanted to stop investigation of the so called pill mills...and now has signed off on a law that is as usual draconian and misdirected. Pill mills get all the business. Weird but true and if you are in agony tough titties.

I think we've lost the national plot, so the Lord might as well be with us for all the good that's going to do, after all mixing religion and politics was what the Founders intended wasn't it? No longer are laws made by a mixture of debate and common sense and more debate. Now it's blatant, whoever pays the most gets the law they prefer and the Devil take the hindmost. A letter writer in the paper today grouped together the Wall Street Occupiers, the President of Iran, American Nazis, the Democrat Party and the Black Man in the White Man's House, and blamed our economic collapse on the Democrats in Power (whoever they are). That sort of debating style, they are Evil we are God's Chosen, will lead to Civil War. Do we want that? Without oxycodone to keep us stoned civil war could really hurt.

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Anonymous said...

I know the debater of which you speak. He's not known for broad minded discourse.

Christopher Shepherd said...

Nice of the man we all recognize from the bottom of to share his real name like that, don't you think? Sadly yes, these people aren't interested in celebrating common ground, only hatred. There is no winning. For either side.

Anonymous said...

I empathize with your wife. My husband is disabled and relies on a combination of medications to keep him from being wholly bedridden. Since the wonderful law was passed, his pain management doctor has quit prescribing, and two other pain management practices will only take him on as a patient if he goes off all meds (fine-tuned over 4+ years) and lets them start again from scratch. Once again it is the legitimate patients and physicians who are being destroyed instead of the abusers.

Conchscooter said...

We need a revolution. One citizen one dollar one vote. Money writes the rules and we, ordinary working people are being hurt by this crap. I think when the governor was criticized for wanting to shut down pill mill investigations he passed this law to send the money tier way. Never mind tackling the crooks.