Friday, October 21, 2011

In The Woods

My wife had business to transact at Coral Shores High School which left her chauffeur with time on his hands.

It was a three minute drive to find a parking spot close by in an intriguing wooded area off the Old Overseas Highway around Mile Marker 79.

The side street was more like a woodland lane than a suburban street with houses down one side only.

The homes themselves were shrouded in greenery too.

I was quote surprised to see them not set on stilts but one isn't particularly close to tidal water here and flood plains vary.

Older homes were built before stilts were required, and my house built in 1987, ancient by some standards conforms to requirements at eight feet above sea level here newer homes have to be fifteen feet or something equally absurd. Fifteen foot of floodwater and there will be nothing left of anything.

We had a very pleasant stroll Cheyenne and I on a cool, slightly breezy morning of the first real cold front of the winter.

High Street struck me as an odd sort of name for this little backwater. In England where I went to school "the High Street" was the equivalent of Main Street in the US. Apropos of nothing in particular.

Whatever else this quiet leafy lane was it was no one's idea of a main drag, thank goodness.

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