Sunday, October 16, 2011


The wind and the rain kept some people covered up as they admired Key West under a fire hose of rain. Mallory Square was a photo opportunity of sorts, but for me there was something else up the alley.

A bright yellow magnet that drew my attention.

I'm not sure but I believe this rather simple and sleek beauty is an X1 Lightning built by Erik Buell around 2000. It put out a hundred horsepower from it's souped up Harley 1200 engine and it included a lot of odd Buell innovations designed to keep weight and the wheelbase kept very short for lighter handling.

I like the clean lines of the old Buells, though with my taste for cluttering up bikes with luggage and windscreens Buell and I were never quite on the same page though I respected his engineering. He's no longer under Harley Davidson and is busy building radical racing machines for a high price. I like to see these old road bikes still in use on the streets. A welcome change from the constant flood of all Harleys all the time in Key West.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

A Buell S3T is still very, very high on my "gonna have someday" list. Tractor-like torque, yet the scenery blurs once the tach spins past 4 grand, so unlike a traditional Milwaukee Twin.

They go for les than $3500 these days, these relics from the late 90's. They're fodder for cusom bike builders, who see the genius of Erik Buell's magnificent powertrains as the foundation for a custom bike at a fraction of a big custom motor price.

The S3T had a Bonne riding position and hard bags the size of Conneticut. Put even the snootiest of BMW's to shame, IMHO.