Sunday, October 16, 2011

South Shore In The Rain

As hard as it had rained and as gray as the skies were, I figured Key West was probably waterlogged yesterday afternoon. South Roosevelt was carrying some improbably spectacular puddles the length of Smathers Beach.

Rain was still blowing across the road as I approached the tight right turn at Bertha.

It was just a couple of days ago I photographed birds perched on cement pilings in these waters, in a hot flat calm.

The end of the White Street Pier was taking a modest pounding. These waters are quite shallow, six feet or less so large waves have difficulty building.

At Rest Beach I saw a wild chicken taking refuge from the rain where I frequently like to sit and enjoy an ocean view, at the tiki hut on Rest Beach.

I thought this crowd of people at the Higgs Beach bandstand looked rather similar to the chicken hiding from the rain.

Perhaps it was an ill timed wedding party?

This motorcyclist pulled out in front of my Bonneville on South Street and I never did get close enough for a decent picture, but he was crouched on his crotch rocket in a t-shirt and shorts getting his backpack wet. He put me and my motorcycle gear and my waterproof luggage to shame. I am an official wuss.

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