Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cayman Canal

The boys introduced me to a new angle on dog walking on Sugarloaf Key. Off Sugarloaf Boulevard Cayman Drive heads east.

Actually Cayman is misspelled "Caymen" on the map; at least I'm pretty sure that's a misspelling.

It was a hazy day in the mangroves.

Cheyenne was enjoying a new and different trail.

We speculated for a while about the origin of the canal that cuts straight across Sugarloaf Key. Wayne says he read that it was built to flush Sugarloaf Sound.

The current can be fierce in the canal, as a lot of water seems to move through with the tides, which supports the idea that it was built for that purpose.

The other side of the canal is where the loop road runs through the mangroves, and all this activity in these mangroves seems to have been built by a government in a happier era when for public works was available.

Wayne also noted how mangroves manage to get a toe hold in the living rock.

We spent a few happy minutes spotting fish which Wayne and Chuck could name much to their delight. "There goes Fred!" they said. "Tom's over there..." actually they said nothing of the sort pointing out wrasses and sergeant majors and similar stuff.

It was a great day to be out.

She found a cool spot in the shade and contemplated her mortality.

We will have to come back later this winter when it gets really cold and Cheyenne's stamina increases in proportion.

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