Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snake Creek

I was in the Upper Keys and I wanted to pause and stretch out a rather pleasant ride.

The road was empty, not least because I was paralleling Highway One on County Road 905, and I was sick of anxious drivers cutting me off in their lemming rush to Fantasy Fest parties.

Snake Creek seemed the right place to unwind.

A serene Coastguard station, calm waters and...bugger. People!

One can't blame them for being out fishing but I had hoped for peace and quiet. No luck.

Even the cormorant was taking a break.

There is a new boat rack on the west side of the opening Snake Creek bridge. As you came over the bridge, before the boat parking was built, the was an open view south across the water.

Not anymore.

Pretty soon the gravel track to the parking area under the bridge will be paved and so on and so forth. Progress can't be stopped.

But my Bonneville won't change much I hope.

The ride up the Keys was the longest ride I've taken in a single day since I returned from Italy. It was fun and Cheyenne was glad to see me when I got home. Especially as I agreed to walk her.

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