Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lula Mae's Operation

Lula Mae is a klutz and she messed up her other hind leg. Carol asked me to stop by on my way up the Keys to see if I could cheer her up, so I'd did, and she needed it.

She was still pretty stoned on the pain killers and feeling rather sorry for herself so I gave her a going over with my hands which seems to calm her down a bit, and she ate some chicken and rice that I hand fed her.

Lula Mae started out life as a junkyard dog and she has never managed to get socialized since then. She does fine with humans but she hates other dogs which makes it difficult for me to hang out with her unless Cheyenne is safe at home.

I had to wait in the front office when I arrived at the Marathon
Veterinary Hospital, the vet was operating on a couple of snakes they said. I wished him well hoping they were going to be converted into steaks but I don't think that was the plan. It must be a very odd life, that of a vet.

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