Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grinnell Street At Seminary

I wonder how many times I have ridden past this amazing pile without really noticing it?

One could live with a few less aerial wires around town.

And more mysterious flowering bushes.

Whimsical seating arrangement.

Cheyenne was busy under the banyan tree.

This is the back of the Glynn Archer school which Mayor Cates is determined to turn into a new City Hall. There is lots of parking in back.

And pretty houses near by.

Buttonwood tree.

Something else.

I am, as I insist, no botanist.

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Anonymous said...

Too early for the essay about the calm naked bodies before the storm? I am coming home this weekend and may be inspired to capture the weekend progression in a random anonymous temporary blog me self.

Conchscooter said...

I fear Fantasy Fest this year. The city is packed and people seem bound and determined to forget their fear of the future with one more week of riotous living.
And it is probably going to pour with rain.
I can't wait to be at work Saturday night...

Mike said...

The photo at the bottom of the post is a Croton. The 'mysterious flowering bushes" look like Musenda, but the lighting is not quite good enough to tell.